Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards have been used as divination tools for at least 300 years.

They can answer about your past, present and future, and also can give answers to your problems. Want to get a reading done?

Please send the following details to the WhatsApp number along with the consultation fees.

Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Time of Birth, Photo of Subject.

Tarot card session may last upto a maximum duration of 45 Minutes. Also it depends on the number of questions and the response of the tarot. But in any case, it will last for a maximum of 45 minutes only. Tarot readings will be done on a Zoom call or a Phone call, as per the convenience of client and the questions will be taken during readings.

Consultation fees is valid for one session only.

Please note that you can not send other people’s details to get reading. Each person has to contact us personally. Only exception is for own kids.

Consultation Fees -INR 5000, US$ 80